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ConnectWrx - Viualise, Collaborate, Perform

Technology Needs Assessment

Many Organisations know they need technology to meet their growing business needs, but where to start?


We work with you to ensure you understand your current processes, the needs of your business and your people, so that you are in a position to identify the technology solution that will best suit your needs.


We will help you identify the optimal technology solutions for all aspects of your business as it transitions into the digital age.

Data Analytics Roadmap

Having a data analytics roadmap will provide your organisation with a clear pathway of how to get the most from your data.


Incorrect data analytics in your business consume multiple resources hours, lead to incorrect decision making, lost revenue and fire-fighting.


Creating a clear path for your analytics to flow ensures that everyone in your organisation will have the correct information at their fingertips to make pinpoint decisions in real time.

Tiered Data Flow

In order to achieve a data driven organisation you need to have structures in place which ensure an optimal flow of data throughout the tiers.


We work with your teams to uncover their data requirements, select the best visualisation mechanism for ease of decision making and agree the appropriate cascade and meeting parameters.


Having this in place will solve issues such as non-productive meetings, silo communications, redundant reports and inaccurate system data.

Converting Problem Solving to Digital

Current problem solving methods such as A3, 8 Step, DMAIC, PDCA & Kata are generally hosted on excel or whiteboards. 


At ConnectWrx we work with your OpEx teams to design and develop an all-inclusive enterprise solution that supports all your OpEx activities furnished with live data.


Organisations have amazing resources who are equipped to fully understand the current problems you are trying to solve and implement innovative solutions.


Support your teams by equipping them with real time problem insight, enabling real time problem solving.

Digital Visual Management

Visual Management is a key component of many organisations but those who wish to progress can feel restricted, due to visual management systems that are a combination of laboursome excel, whiteboards & post-its.


Communication can be slow, data is historical and access is limited.


At ConnectWrx we allow you to transform your Visual Management to Digital, providing At a Glance Real Time Data, Drill Down Metrics, Action Tracking, Tiered Access, Employee Recognition and more, all combined with Anywhere Real-Time Communication.

Digital Action Tracking

Do you have real time at a glance visibility on actions within your organisation?


Or, like many, are your actions buried in a spreadsheet. We work with you to create a digital platform that provides your teams with prompts as reminders, to flag the need for actions with certain rules, escalate and deescalate actions accordingly across tiers and receive notifications of delayed actions.


We assist you with developing action reports that allow you to see at a glance, what actions are open or closed, by who and which department.


Not only will you see the positive outcomes of actions being closed you can also provide recognition for actions closed on time and innovative solutions deployed.

Digital Transformation Strategy

Developing a digital transformation strategy will ensure your organisation executes vision and mission critical digital implementation activities in an efficient streamlined manner.


A robust digital transformation strategy will ensure that the correct development, alignment, integration and optimisation is achieved in line with organisational aims.

Digital Operational Excellence Metrics

When it comes to reporting your Operational Excellence metrics, are your teams currently collating information from spreadsheets, documents, learning management systems, paper, whiteboards or emails and transferring to PowerPoint?


We work with you to design and develop a solution that can host all of your Business Performance Improvement metrics on one real-time, tiered platform.


Contact us today and create your digital solution for Operational Excellence metrics and realise improved communication, recognition and opportunities for development.

Re-Imagine Your Data

We work with your teams to design, develop and implement customised interactive dashboards that deliver the data that you need at a glance and in real time.


Our dashboards can be tiered to allow your teams to focus on the data that is relevant to them so that they can get on with driving the solutions rather than searching for the questions.


Contact us today and let your business reap the benefits of real-time data.

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