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ConnectWrx - Viualise, Collaborate, Perform

About Us

We founded ConnectWrx to reduce the costs of day to day business for our clients. We are building solutions to enable our clients to utilise the skillsets and data that they already possess to drive their business forward in the digital age. We enjoy sharing our business performance improvement methodologies, processes, experience and knowledge with our clients while ensuring we meet their technological needs and requirements.

We recognise the obligations of being part of a team; sharing the success while understanding the demands and requirements. We create the tools to enable engagement for the individual, growth for the teams and success for the organisation.
Susan Clancy Founder ConnectWrx

Susan Clancy CEO ConnectWrx

Since 2006 Susan has worked across multiple sectors providing assistance to organisations both large and small in the areas of Business Performance Improvement and Digital Transformation.


She has been engaged by both multi-nationals throughout Ireland and across the globe as well as many companies from the Irish SME’s sector.

Susan enables her clients to seamlessly combine the worlds of Business Performance Improvement and Technology and this approach provides her clients with the flexibility to transform while solving the day to day challenges of running their business.  As well as specialising in technology development Susan is a highly experienced BPI Coach, Trainer & Practitioner and is the founder of Kata School Ireland.

Tim Crowe ConnectWrx

Tim Crowe Technical Advisor ConnectWrx

After graduating from UL with a BEng Production Engineering & MSc Project Management, Tim has setup several Dell factories and held global roles such as Engineering Director, Director of Chengdu Operations and Factory Managing Director for Dell. Tim also led the global factory continuous improvement programme.

WrxFlo was founded in 2018 and is now working with multinationals across several sectors delivering People & Process solutions enabled by technology.

Jerry Daly

Jerry Daly Director ConnectWrx

Jerry is a key member of the ConnectWrx team. He co-founded BPI services in 2006 and has been a driving force behind its growth and the expansion into technology products and services with ConnectWrx.


He strongly believes that companies of all sizes can make marked gains by embracing slight adjustments such as empowering their employees and combining this with getting the most from their technology. He believes that the visualisation of real-time data should be a goal for every company no matter what size, so every individual can have a positive impact which in turn drives a positive employee engagement culture.

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