ConnectWrx - Viualise, Collaborate, Perform
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Providing Real Time Problem Insight, Enabling Real Time Problem Solving.

ConnectWrx - Viualise, Collaborate, Perform

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Visualise | Collaborate | Perform
360 Engage Digital Visual Performance Management

360° Engage

Digital Action Tracking

Action Tracking

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Digital PSQDC

ConnectWrx - Viualise, Collaborate, Perform

Our Services

Providing Services That Achieve
Engagement for the Individual | Growth for the Teams | Success for the Organisation
As well as providing customised technology solutions we also provide a wide range of services for organisations to support them on their lean digital transformation journey. We pride ourselves on creating innovative solutions combining people skill development with process design and development. We work with you to create a digital transformation strategy, ensure the successful deployment of that strategy & associated change management, to ensure engagement for the individual, growth for your teams and success for the organisation.

If you would like to speak to us on any digitalisation topic, please feel free to contact us directly for a customised service.

Our Approach

Make Our Unique Experience Your Unique Advantage

From initial enquiry through to a hassle-free set-up and embedding, at ConnectWrx we ensure that each of our clients are provided with a comprehensive suite of customised options to best suit their needs.

Our lean centric approach ensures that each client’s entire organisation can embrace process, technology and people which provides them with the ability to solve business problems in a rapidly changing world.

Agility and adaptability are keys to creating a resilient business and our solutions provide each of our clients with customized, clear & real-time insights for making strategic decisions.

At ConnectWrx we support our clients with a unique blend of experience and skill, which enables us to combine the worlds of Lean, Software, Business Performance Improvement, Operations Management and Personnel Development with each engagement.